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The Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page shall govern your visit and usage of Miner Hardwar website. If you are using this site then you are agreeing with the term of use mentioned here and we have all the right to change Terms and conditions anytime we want. By continuing to use our site, you agree to the changes we made. When you opt to use any of our service on this website, you are agreeing to be bound by them. We also have full authority to change or discontinue any content or feature of the site or any of its service without any prior notice. We can change fees or moodily the charges in connection with our site. So, please keep this is mind that you agree with all these changes made.

You are liable for any interaction with other users as Miner Hardwar is not involved in or associated with such communication, correspondence, interaction and transaction. If you have any dispute or problem from this sort of communication then you are only responsible for it not Miner Hardwar.

You should not post or transmit any material or content from or on this site:

• This violates or infringes in any way on the right of others.
• Protects the copy right, trade mark and trade secret.
• This means you are making statement on behalf of Miner Hardwar without its consent.
• It encourages the use of illegal substances and activities.
• It will give rise to civil and criminal activities and also violates the local, state and federal law.
• You cannot post material in promotion to other websites and services.
• Never post advertising or commercial content.
• You are prohibited to post malicious content or harmful material.

When you use this site, you should not:

• Don’t collect information about other site visitors or users.
• Don’t use the site to defame abuse, stalk or threaten.
• You can’t reproduce, sell, resell, duplicate or copy.
• Should not create database by symmetrical downloading or storing of website content.
• Interfere or halt the process and operations of the site.
• Impersonate any person or entity.
• Modify, decompile and disassemble any portion of the site.

Miner Hardwar has all the rights to remove the content that violates the law. We can at any time block any offender from accessing the site.

Personally identifiable information that is posted on the site can be accessed by other users, including people you don’t know. If you post such information on site that you might have to deal with “spam” emails. So, we are not liable for any damaged or misuse by third party of information that you make public on the site. Make your information public at your own risk.

Note for 13 under visitors and their guardians and parents:

If parents or guardians want to have an access to the information provided by the child or you want to ask anything about your child usage of the site, then please contact us at enquiry@miner-hardwar.com. You just need to provide us with your child’s username and password and your own email address and password while communicating with us.

We never take responsibly of any accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement on the site, nor do we take responsibility for any offense made on site by any one.

The terms and condition of Miner Hardwar are constructed with the state law of Delhi. We agree to the federal and state court jurisdictions located in India. You are not liable to assign, transfer or sublicense any or all of your rights without any prior information or written consent from Miner Hardwar. We can transfer, assign or sublicense any or all the right and obligation without any restriction, but we will notify you about it. If there is any claim or cause of action arising out of the site then you have to file about it within a year and after that it cannot be claimed.

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